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caprese salad at La Fontaine


Let us help you plan a memorable event.

Our staff takes the time to build a custom menu based on your budget and dietary restrictions. Our catering staff is ready to deliver, set up, and serve at your event. It is important to us that we help you plan the perfect event for you.


We use seasonally available organic and fresh ingredients to help nourish your loved ones!


Browse our catering menus to start your event planning.

Planning an event is stressful, let alone trying to find the best caterer who will fulfill all your needs.


We provide personalized services.

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Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

panna cotta at La Fontaine


Thinking of having a gathering for your friends? Arranging a birthday party for your loved one? We got you covered! 

smoked salmon dill on toast


Building a positive workplace relationship is important to every organization. Whether you're planning a corporate party or luncheon, we can save you time and unnecessary stress!

duck breast and wild rice at La Fontaine


There is a lot to consider when planning for your perfect day. Allow us to help you make your day as memorable, special, and stress-free as it can be!

catering with La Fontaine restaurant
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